Al Mizaan is a leadership academy, that offers, Islamic education to the community youth and provides leadership opportunities to its students.

In 2011 Islamic Center of Morrisville decided to form a unique learning and research program for kids in Muslim community.  The vision behind it is to teach Islamic Sciences and its dissemination.  The purpose is to educate and develop kids on the basis of Islamic teachings.  The basic objective of this institution is to facilitate academic work at kids’ level in Islamic disciplines.  We will arrange courses on the Quran through the Quran itself and Sunnah in such manner as enables our kids to remain committed to their religion from the depth of heart, mind and soul.  All our efforts and struggles are now directed towards these pursuits. With the help of Almighty Allah (swt), we pray for sincerity in knowledge and deed.


Homework is being sent via email and also is being put up on the website
Click here to access the Al-Mizaan Academy Online for courses offered and homeworks 

Curriculum, Teacher and Volunteer Info

Principal:                     Sr. Sohaila Dar
Imam Nasser:             Quran Memorization
Br Ghaffar:                   Quranic Arabic (Seniors)
Sr Manal:                     Arabic (Juniors), Quranic Arabic (Intermediates)
Sr Mahvish:                 Islamic Studies (Juniors)
Sr Sohaila:                   Seerah (Intermediates)
Sr Salma:                     Leadership

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