ICM is pleased to present an adult Quran contest in the blessed month of Ramadan

Assigned Surah: Al Waqi’ah

Open to both Men and Women. Participants must be 18+

Participants will be assessed based on the quality of Memorization, Rules of Tajwid and the way of reading (melody)

All decisions made by judge committee will be final and binding.

Registration deadline: Ramadan 10th

Testing Date: Ramadan 20th - 25th

Award Ceremony: 27th of Ramadhan

All participants will receive a certificate of participation, issued by ICM

Winners (first, second and third) will receive cash prizes

IMPORTANT: Participants can memorize only the Sura assigned above. If
they already memorized the Sura listed above, they should participate with a
Sura of the same size/length (2-3pages.) and let the judging committee know
on the day of the test.

This form is currently closed for submissions.