Al-Mizaan School Committee
Oversee activities and management of Al-Mizaan Leadership Academy/Sunday School; Serves as principal
Chair: Sr. Aruna Zaeem

Communications Committee
Up-to-date information on website, weekly newsletters, special announcements, mail-lists, ICM announcements, Jumuah announcements
Chair: Sr. Tara Olhoft

Dawah Committee
Outreach to general public, town officials, open house, etc
Chair: Br. Ahmed Khalil

Education Committee
Plan and manage educational programs at ICM. This committee will serve to meet the religious needs of Muslims in conformity with Islamic beliefs based on the Qur’an and Sunnah.
Chair: Br. Ahmed Tariq

Election Committee
Oversee annual Shura election process
Chair: Br. Wasif Kazmi

Facility Management Committee
Oversee the maintenance, operation, and use of ICM facility at 107 Quail Fields Ct. Typical functions include coordination with cleaning crew and facility manager, routine maintenance, facility reservation system (for both suite A and B)
Chair: Sr. Muniza Qureshy

Finance Committee
Oversee ICM finances, accounting, budgeting and reporting
Chair: Br. Shakeel Ansari

Fundraising Committee
Oversee fundraising for ICM and any fundraising at ICM for approved and vetted organizations
Chair: Br. Ejaz Syed

Imam Committee
Develop and implement Imam-led programs, khutbah rotation/khateebs/topics/feedback, address related community issues. Oversee Ramadan and Taraweeh programs
Chair: Br. Riaz Khan

IT Committee
IT/network systems, website, A/V systems
Chair: Br. Babar Baig

Nomination Committee
Oversee notification, application, review, nomination process to select a suitable committee chairs and make a recommendation to Shura. Plan semi-annual meetings of committee chairs
Br. Haroon Rashid
Br. Asif Rashid
Br. Khalil Ahmed

Planning and Construction Committee
Facility modifications, town approvals, future plans
Chair: Br. Kamran Qureshy

Social & Welfare Committee
Manage distribution of Zakat funds and donations to needy families
Chair: Standing Committee

Volunteer Committee
Encourage community volunteering, develop and maintain roster of volunteers to help as needed in community projects
Chair: Br. Hasham Malik

Women’s Committee
Welfare of sisters and addressing their needs and requirements
Chair: Sr. Tara Olhoft

Youth Committee
Provide a conducive, safe, and fulfilling environment for our youth to establish and express a strong Muslim identity through community building, networking events, educational and mentorship programs
Chair: Br. Haroon Rashid

ICM is currently looking for the following committee chairs:

  • Ramadan & Taraweeh Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Safety and Security Committee: Oversee safety and security aspects of ICM including coordination with security system/security monitoring company, liaison with volunteer, youth, and other committees on safety and security needs.
  • Social Media Committee
If you are interested, please reach out to:
Br. Haroon
Br. Asif
Br. Khalil