Day of Arafat is on Monday(8/20) and Eid ul Adha will be on Tuesday(8/21)

We wish for our community and our Ummah a blessed Eid, and we are pleased to inform you that, by Allah’s will, we will be holding the Eid prayers on Tuesday (Aug. 21st) at the ICM facility (107 Quail Fields Ct).

We will be having 3 shifts for Eid Prayer Inshaa Allah:

1st shift Takbeer 06:30 a.m. Prayers 07:00 a.m. Imam Abdenasser
2nd shift Takbeer 07:45 a.m. Prayers 08:15 a.m. Imam Abdenasser
3rd shift Takbeer 09:30 a.m. Prayers 10:00 a.m. Br Tysseer

As you all know, parking spaces are limited, and we encourage all of you to carpool whenever possible. We also encourage you all to come as early as possible to the shift you want to attend, that way you can find parking more smoothly.

We request that you cooperate with our volunteers who will be organizing the traffic and parking activities on that blessed day Inshaa Allah.

We ask Allah to accept your deeds and answer your prayers during this holy season and we would like to remind you about fasting on the day of Arafah (next Monday Inshaa Allah), the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him guaranteed to us that those who fast that great day will have Allah’s forgiveness for two years worth of sins. So plan to fast on that great day and we will be having a gathering in the Masjid to break our fast together on Monday at Maghrib time Inshaa Allah (details will be announced).

Imam’s Committee of ICM