ICM Shura Meeting Minutes – August 8, 2015

1: Update on new facility progress and future plans.

Plan has been designed by the architect and feedback received from construction team.

Will submit to town for approval for permit and seek bids on the construction plan.

2: Better way to communicate and share information with Shura and community.

ICM Shura meeting minutes to be emailed to ICM Shura members by Wednesday following the meeting.

Post annual financials at ICM.

Will facilitate town hall meeting with donors on site.

3: Select Chair of Education Committee.

Advertise position to community.

4: Al-Mizaan Quran Academy Authorization. After School Quran Program.

Arrange meeting meeting to discuss logistics.

5: Next Fundraiser Date Selection.

November 2015

6: ICM employees responsibilities and HR department.

Nikkah workshops
Funeral workshops
Employees running own paid programs
Create EC
Quran lessons
Seerah lessons

Imam EC chair formed.