Jummah Announcements – Friday, September 25 2015

ICM Announcements:
  • **CHANGES IN DATES**: Al Mizaan School Orientation 10/4 at 11:00am
     Inshaa Allah Al Mizaan School will have an Orientation and Admission day on Sunday October 4th at 1100am. The first day of school is October 11th. We look forward to seeing you and having a great year.
  • Elementary Halaqa and Tasty Tuesday
    Each Tuesday a Halaqa is held for our Elementary School age brothers and sisters. This week’s halaqa will begin at 6:45 pm insha Allah and is held at the new ICM faciilty. Br Hassan Masood leads this special halaqa that ends with a tasty treat
  • We are on! Boys Night meets at NetSports this Friday
    The Friday Night Youth Program meets from 8-10 pm at NetSports on Davis Drive in Morrisville. Insha Allah there will be Basketball (Court 1, 8-9pm) and Soccer (Field 2, 9-10pm) available.
  • The Girls Night Program is canceledthis week for EID
    The program organizers have decided to cancel this week’s Girls Night to allow families to enjoy the Eid ul Adha together. Eid Mubarak!
 Community Announcements:
  • Al Maghrib Seminar Oct 2-4
    Al Maghrib Triangle will be hosting their next weekend seminar titled, All Around Us, Signs of the Day of Judgement with Shaykh Kamal El Mekki on October 2nd – 4th. Babysitting, Mommysitting & Discounts are available. Please visit qrihla.org for more details.