Jumuah Announcements 1/6/17

Assalamu’alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,
  • Please donate for monthly expenses
  • Deen 4 Teens meets tonight from 7-8, Middle School and High School Boys halaqa meet from 7-8 and Boys Night will meet from 8-10 in sha’Allah.
  • Girls Night is canceled due to the expected snow on Saturday.
  • Please check the ICM website www.icmnc.org before heading to ICM if we get snow. If the parking lot is icy, the facility may be closed. Drive Safely!
  • There is a new Seerah class for sisters only on Wednesdays from 12-12:45 with Imam Abdenasser at the ICM facility. Please spread the word.
We ask Allah (swt) to forgive all of our brothers and sisters who have passed away and ask Him (swt) to give speedy recovery to all who are ill. We ask Allah (swt) to accept our good deeds. Ameen.