Shura Meeting Minutes 12/4/16

Shura meeting minutes 12 4 2016

Present: Br Shakeel, Br Saad, Imaam, Br Andrew, Br Asif, Br Ahmed, Br Haroon, Br Kamran, Br Riaz, Br Rakan, Br Ejaz, Br Isa

  1. Following Committee chairs provided 2016 update and overview of 2017 plans:
    1. Br Shakeel (Planning & Construction), Br Riaz (Imaam), Br Ejaz (Fundraising), Br Ahmed (Dawah), Sr Tara (Communications), Br Hisham (Volunteers), Br Wasif (Elections), Br Haroon (Youth), Sr Fouzia (Social and Welfare).
    2. Sr Samra (Al Mizaan), Sr Tahseen (Women), Br Babar (IT), Br Ahmed Tariq (Education) were not able to attend
  1. Key action items from Committee update:
  1. Communications Team to:
    • Work to post Shura meeting minutes within one week of the meeting.
    • Consult with EC Chairs and highlight key activities of one EC each week in the weekly newsletter
    • Through click-through analytics, identify which section of the newsletter community is reading the most so that information can be catered accordingly
    • Get ICM’s facebook page under the management of Communication committee.  Work with the current owner with the help of Shura chair
  2. Volunteer committee and Social welfare committee to coordinate their volunteer list and work together on volunteer needs. Develop single database of volunteers.
  3. Fundraising committee:   Send an email this week informing community about the timing of donation receipt and encouraging them to donate by the end of December for tax deduction purposes
  4. Ramadan and Taraweeh will be under the management of Imaam committee and there will not be a separate committee
  5. Membership Committee will be formed.  Nomination committee will seek candidates for this committee chair
  6. Br Haroon introduced Sr Muniza Qureshy, candidate for Facilities Management Committee chair. Shura unanimously approved nomination.