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The Islamic Center of Morrisville (ICM) is honored to welcome Dr. Naser Rezk Abdelfattah El Shamloul of Al-Azhar, Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Naser Rezk is visiting us this Ramadan to lead Taraweeh’ prayers at Morrisville Masjid.
Dr. Rezk has a Doctorate in Recitations/Readings, and Ijazah’ (certification) in Minor and Major Readings from Shaikh `Abdul Hakim `Abdul Latif Az-Zarruq.
ناصر رزق عبدالفتاح.- جامعة الأزهر

In sha’Allah, ICM will be offering Qiyam-al-Layl and accommodation for I’tekaaf in the last 10 days of Ramadan.