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Announcement of 1st Shura for 2015-2017 ICM

Alhamdolillah all the nominees who accepted the nomination brought diverse and unique experience and a deep desire and will to serve the community for the sake Allah Subhanahu wa taala. For the year 2015, the nomination committee has come to a consensus on the following 8 shura members (listed in alphabetical order):

    Br. Ahmed Khalil
    Sr. Farrah Khan
    Br. Haroon Rashid Abbu
    Br. Kamrul Islam
    Br. Rakan DiarBakerli
    Sr. Samra Malik
    Sr. Souad BenRomdhane
    Br. Yasir Sinada

5 board nominees will serve on the Shura for the first year (2015). In addition, the Imam of ICM will be the advisor to the Shura for all religious matters.

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