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ICM Jumuah Announcements 2/7/20

ICM Jumuah Announcements 2/7/20
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The new Quran Reading and Memorization Program offered by the Education Committee has begun. It is open for students in first grade and up and meets from 5:00 to 7:00pm Monday through Thursday. To sign up see

Almaghrib Triangle is launching Eternal Journey: Tafseer of Juz Tabarak with Sheikh AbdulBary Yahya.

Understand Tawheed with practical applications using the eloquence and imagery found in Suratul Mulk through Mursalat. Study the stories and seerah behind these beautiful Surahs.
March 27-29th at ICM Banquet Hall.
This seminar is sponsored by ICM
Early bird special: $69 ends Friday Jan 31st

Quran Institute Track out program is accepting applications for Track 3 Students. Open January 27 – February 13 (Mon-Thur 9:00am – 1:00pm). This program offers Quran, Arabic, Islamic studies, Prayer and Activities. Contact: or 919-805-2082

We ask Allah (swt) to forgive all of our brothers and sisters who have passed away and ask Him (swt) to give speedy recovery to all who are ill. We ask Allah (swt) to accept our good deeds. Ameen