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Jumuah Announcements 12/28/18

ICM Jumuah Announcements 12/28/18 

  • Please donate for monthly expenses
  • ICM Food Pantry needs your continuous donations. It is open on the first Saturday of each month to those in need. Please donate food items in the box at the masjid. Monetary donations are also welcome.
  • Youth Programs are cancelled during the winter break and will resume next weekend in sha’Allah. This will allow our volunteers to spend time with their families during the break.
  • If you attend any programs at ICM, please check with the organizer to see if it is continuing during the winter break
  • Registration is open for the Spring semester of the ICM Youth Quran Program which begins on January 14. Find the link to register on ICM website
  • ICM Monthly potluck for January will be Sunday January 6. Please sign up to bring a dish to share. Link can be found at


 We ask Allah (swt) to forgive all of our brothers and sisters who have passed away and ask Him (swt) to give speedy recovery to all who are ill. We ask Allah (swt) to accept our good deeds. Ameen