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Jumuah Prayer 3/20

Jumuah Prayer 3/20

Asssalamualaikum ICM Family,

Jumuah at the hotel location has been cancelled until further notice. It is strongly encouraged that you and your family pray at home. ICM will host Jumuah Prayers at the masjid 3/20/20 for limited numbers of people with registration.

It has been declared permissible by multiple Islamic organizations for Muslims to pray Dhuhr in their homes and work instead of praying Jumuah in the masjid due to current necessity.

Daily prayers will be held at ICM by a few caretakers of the masjid in sha’Allah. They will call athaan and lead the salah. There will be strict rules to be followed for anyone who prays in the masjid. We ask that you please abide by these for the sake of the entire community. A subsequent email will be sent with more details for those who want to volunteer as caretakers.

Note: ICM employees, including the Imam, will be working from home and will only come to the masjid occasionally to take care of administrative tasks.

This is the time for acknowledging our weakness and neediness before Allah and our reliance on Him; it is a time of repentance and beseeching Him for assistance; it is a time for having trust in Him and good thoughts of Him. Remember Him much and increase your good deeds during the day and night. Be in the service of His creatures, especially those of them who are weak and needy.
May the Blessings of Allah and Peace be on Muhammad, and all praise belongs to the Lord of the Worlds.


Do not come to the masjid to decrease chances of spreading or contracting the virus if:

1- You have recently traveled (international or domestic).

2- You have been in recent contact with a person that is suspected to have or has been confirmed with COVID-19.

3- You have any symptoms of illness such as cough, fever and symptoms of the common cold or flu, etc, and if you are caring for someone with these symptoms.

4- You are in a vulnerable population or have close contact with someone who is 60+ years old, expecting a child, or a child under 12 years of age.

5- You have pre-existing chronic illnesses such as asthma, uncontrolled diabetes, COPD, cancer, etc.


-Make wudu before coming to ICM
-Bring your own prayer mat
-Do not linger after you have finished praying
-Please greet each other without a handshake or hug

Jazakum Allahu khairun we appreciate your cooperation in these matters.