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One day Seminar 10/26/19 at ICM

Sponsored by ICM Education Committee:

Go back in time with some of the most recited verses of the Quran! Learn to connect and apply the lessons from ‘A Glimpse of History’!

Saturday October 26:  10:00am – 5:00pm

Starting with Adam ﷺ and the Ka’bah, then Ibrahim ﷺ and the Ka’bah, then Abraha (surah Fil). Then the blessings of the Quraish (surah Quraish), then how the Arabs weren’t upholding their end of the deal (surah Ma’oon), so Allah ﷻ sends His Messenger ﷺ (surah Kawthar), the response is mixed between believers vs. disbelievers (surah Kaafiroon), this division leads to conflict and victory for the believers (surah Nasr) and loss for the disbelievers (surah Lahab), and the Quran finishes by returning to the central theme: Tawheed (surah Ikhlas) and the two ways to protect it (surah Falaq & Nas)

Join Dr. Nasser Karimian in a Full-Day Workshop
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