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Shura Meeting minutes : April 1 , 2015

Attendees: Sh Nasser, Br. Riaz, Sr. Tahseen, Br. Rakan, Br. Kamran, Br. Saad, Sr. Farah, Br. Ahmed
Visitors: Asif Patel, Aesana Patel, Babar Baiz, Rauf Hafeaz
  1. Boy’s Night. Netsports facility is booked for April and May except April 24. need to create a schedule for volunteers. There will always be a soccer court or a soccer and basketball court. Cost approximately $2000.
  2. A motion was passed to approve a budget of up to $1500 dollars to cover the cost of the trip of Imam Omar Shaheen leader of the North American Association of Imams to come to Raleigh on April 10 to provide evaluation, consultation, support, and training for fund-raising activities for the permanent location.
  3. If American Mulch becomes available Taraweeh may be arranged there in a tent for a fraction of the cost. Br. Kamran is still following up the details with the city. Imam Nasser is arranging for another Hafiz to be able to assist him during Taraweeh and the cost of his trip may be covered by a donor outside the ICM budget.
  4. Br. Kamran reported there are no additional requirements for parking at American Mulch based on his communication with the Town of Cary
  5. Brain Storming Ideas for development of American Mulch include partnering with an investor to build a multi-story building of which one floor is dedicated to ICM activities and the rest to be leased by the investor. This may expedite the cash flow and allow the ICM to have bigger space sooner. Also at a later stage the premium location at the intersection may be leased out to another entity to provide steady income to cover ICM activities.This and other ideas and the need for a loan from Diwan bank would be studied on April 10 with Imam Omar Shaheen.
  6. Two tentative updates with the community are planned: first update on April 10 and second on April 23. Both between Maghrib and Isha.
  7. Br. Riaz will communicate with Dan for a sign and some leaflets at the old Musalla location to indicate the new location.
  8. Br Riaz will communicate with web site manager to add the recent newsletter as well as an electronic sig-up sheet to enroll in the ICM email list
  9. Ahmed
  10. Discussion of committees postponed to next meeting.