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Shura Meeting minutes : March 25

Attendees: Sh Nasser, Br. Riaz, Sr. Tahseen, Br. Haroon, Br. Kamran, Br. Saad, Br. Yasir, Br. Kamul, Br. Ahmed
1- Community repsonse. Continued discussions after daily prayers in addition to gauging the response through fund-raising response and attendance at the Hotel location on Fridays are the best measures available for community support for the project.
2- A motion was passed unanimously to approve a budget of up to $10,000 dollars (possibly less) to do due diligence studies to further evaluate the American Mulch locations and answer some of the questions that came from community meeting. This will include the following items
a- Property appraisal ( we have an offer for about $2000)
b- Building inspection (estimated $1000)
c- Phase 1 Environmental Study (estimated  $3000)
d- lawyer to review the terms (estimated $275 per hour)
3- Imam Nasser is leading the efforts of emptying and storage of ICM equipment
4- Meeting adjourned